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Asociatia Institutul pentru Parteneriat Social Bucovina (Bucovina Institute) Romania


Mission: NGO founded in 2011, non profit, with aims to support the sustainable development of communities in the North East of Romania, South –West of Ukraine and entire Republic of Moldova through learning partnerships projects and organizing continuing training programs for Adults. Founding members: AREAS – Romania, AREAC – Ukraine, AREAP – Republic of Moldova, Die Querdenker Austria, KULT-ART, Romania
a) Developing programs to facilitate intercultural learning, cross-border cooperation and exchange of experience;
b) Supporting rural youth and adults, immigrants, minorities and persons with disabilities to ensure access to all forms of learning;
c) Regional and community development by conducting training courses, evaluation of competencies sessions organizing certification process, facilitating access without discrimination to all members of the community
a) organizing thematic training courses,
b) providing TOT services for 11 EBC communities (Economy Based on Knowledge ) – regional network
c) writing and implementing projects
d) organizing thematic workshops, seminars, conferences, campaigns etc
e) providing research services in, social economy, ethnography, sociology, community development
f) offering non formal trainings: languages, communication, human resources management, project management, vocational counceling
g) evaluation for european certification on ICT and PBS
Projects 2011:
• “Day center in Cerovtsy” (partner in this project) – the day center was founded for people with psihiatric disabilities from Cernovtsy, also there were developed and workshop of ocupational therapy in the Psihiatric Hospital from Cernovtsy. The project was implemented by Pro Mente Upper Austria, Regional Administration from Cernovtsy, die querdenker (Austria). www.areac.org
• “Center for Social Inclusion in Edinet”- The aim of the project is developing of a supporting programme of social and professional integration of people with special needs and continuing training of the employee of Neuropsihiatric Enterprises from Briceni District and Edinet from Republic of Moldova. The project is supported by Pro Mente Upper Austria, Die Querdenker (Austria) and Minister of Labour, Family and Social Protection from Republic of Moldova. www.areap.org
• “EU-Relay, documentary about Activ Citizenship” – Europe for Citizens Programme. Action 2, – the aim of the EU-Relay project is that to create a pan – european documentary video on the subject of european citizenship and is intended to be an answer at the question “How is reflected the active european citizenship in our society?”
• “Exploring Bucovina handcraft” – AGCN programme (partner in this project) – the aim of the project is keeping the diversity of the immaterial cultural heritage for next generations through conservation and digital archiving of the traditiona hand crafts from Bucovina (video documentary and intinerary exhibition of photography).
• Courses of landscape worker for people with disability in the frame of the project “Creation and implementation of an integrated, training and employee model of people with disabilities from Romania” – POSDRU2007/15/6.2/S/7. Partener CFCECAS Romania.
Projects 2012:
• “Social Firms Europe CEFEC 2012” (organized together with Bucovina Institute) – AREAS has obteined the presidency of Social Firm Europe in the frame of the conference in Merano, Italy and organized in September 2012 the 25th aniversary of the conference with the theme “Social Economy – Trend or Reality?”
• “SETreality” Grundtvig Partnership – GRU-12-C-LP-258-SV-RO (the coordinator). SETreality project aims to creat an educational kit for entepreneurs about social economy from each country. Partners: Bucovina Institute – Romania, PADMA – UK, Die Querdenker – Austria, ARIA – Portugal, Koispe Diadromes – Greec, Promos – Italy, National Institute for social integration – Lithuania, Nevshehir – Turkey.
Project 2013:
• “Bucovina ICT Academy”. Development of social competences and using computers for 35 people with socio-psychiatric disabilities, residents in the frame of Club Together Suceava, Complex Blijdorp Suceava, ARRP Mitocul Dragomirna.
• Bucovina BOOK Academy. Book collection actions to equip 5 training and alphabetization workshops from Republic of Moldova, structures created in the frame of five residential hospitals for people with psychiatric disabilities from Edinet District, Soroca, Chisinau and Dubasari.
• ATEDAL – Alternatives Techniques for Engaging with Disadvantaged Adult Learners: Training in Partnership – 2013-1-FR1-GRU06-495613, Grundtvig Partnership – Pooling every partners’ experience on key skills training, we seek to implement the best practice of our European colleagues in our organizational work by sharing information regarding current methods of intervention with disadvantaged people.

Bucovina Institute have experience in implementing youth in action projects, and also have send youth in exchange in different countries namely, Turkey, Republic of Moldova, Denmark, Macedonia and others. Two projects which Bucovina Institute is proud of are Bucovina Book Academy and Bucovina ICT Academy which were implemented by young volunteers. Bucovina ICT Academy were a project for people with disability, where were organizing ICT course conducted by volunteers. An important and a big project that Bucovina Institute is implementing in the present is about social inclusion and which have as target vulnerable groups. In all the activities we are trying to involve youth to teach them and to make them understand the importance of the helping and understand each other and development of the skill and competences.

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