Behcet Hastalari ve Saglikli Yasam Dernegi (BEHDER) Turkey

BEHDER was established in 2009 in Turkey in order to promote health, in its wide sense, and to encourage the dialogue between science and culture . It occupies a group of behcet disease patients and is coordinated by experienced doctors, patients and teachers and trainers. It is middle size association with the members around 30.
BEHDER aims to:
• Promote health by creating networks and implementing projects based on non-formal education and learning by experience methodology
• Develop the consciousness of community of health
• Inform the community on issues regarding rare desease such as behçet
• Undertake national and international collaboration with reliable agents, in order to exchange experience and best practices
• Design programs that encourage social cohesion, protect the human rights and respect the environment
• Empower young people, enhance and build their personal skills
• Inform society on innovative programs and activities which are consistent with the organization’s aims and disseminate their results through conferences, seminars, meetings, etc.
• Organize international youth in action projects that benefit the society
• Exchange of the experiences and ideas with the European and other countries’ organizations.

BEHDER especially works on Youth area. The target group is 20-30 old people. The aim of the association is not only creating awareness on Behçet Disease, but also fostering the awareness on healthy life and health promotion. In order to fulfill this aim we have realized 4 EU funded projects so far. 2 of them were Youth in Action, one of them is LDV PLM project and one of them is Micro Fund by Turkish Republic Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Treasure.

This Non-Governmental organization still carry out its activity in Aksaray, Turkey. It also cooperates and collaborates with Aksaray University.

BEHDER was established to improve health promotion in a local, regional , national and international  level. It has experience of health and healthy life and also creating sustainability on healthy lifestyle. Two international training courses as youth projects funded by Turkish National Agency was carried out last years.

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