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Europe 2020 – European platform against poverty and social exclusion shows that 24% of all the EU population (over 120 million people), are at risk of poverty or social exclusion – this includes 27% of all children in Europe. The Europe 2020 agenda has issues of early school leaving and low educational achievement of young people as a high priority.

DSH Positive Choices is an Erasmus+ project coordinated by Plymouth & District Mind Association (PADMA), United Kingdom. It addresses a known cause of social exclusion (with progression pathways to early school leaving and low achievement): Alexithymia and Deliberate Self Harm.

The DSH Positive Choices partnership includes 6 associations from all around Europe. The project will be implemnted in United Kingdom, Lithuania, Greece, Turkey and Romania

DSH Positive Choices will “foster quality improvements in youth work, in particular through enhanced cooperation between organisations in the youth field and/or other stakeholders” (a specific objective of Erasmus Plus Programme in the field of youth). The project will deliver a series of workshops around promotion of emotional awareness, confidence building, self exploration for young people and self harm awareness for all stakeholders. Collectively, they will form an open training resource for all working in the field of youth, particularly with young people who may be, or at risk of, experiencing symptoms of Alexithymia and/or any other emotional distress.

Each partner will host a 3 day meeting and deliver 2 one day workshops around related themes that can help young people build emotional resilience and train youth workers in skills to recognize and deal with recognizable symptoms and how to empathically support the young person in getting local professional help.

There are 6 partners involved in the project. They will take workshops back to their own country to translate materials and deliver to 10+ people in the field of youth, and deliver at least 1 relevant workshop to 10+ young people locally. It is important to include young people to get their feedback and evaluation as to fitness for purpose. All results will be presented at a final international conference.

Over the 24 month duration of the project we will:
• Deliver 72 workshops in the field of youth to address Alexithymia and DSH
• Translate materials for delivery in own country
• Create volunteer committees to monitor evaluation and sustainability of the project locally
• Evaluate the workshops and project

The most relevant topics addressed by our project are Early School Leaving and Combating failure in education.


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